Investment Philosophy

Once we understand your specific financial needs and goals, we design a portfolio to meet your objectives.

Although our experience includes real estate, energy, venture capital, and other areas, we believe that common stocks should be the foundation of most investment portfolios. We do not believe that “timing” the stock market – anticipating periods of rising and falling stock prices – can be done consistently and successfully.

The wealth management industry is often distracted by the wrong questions (e.g., should I use index funds or pick individual stocks?).  Our investment process starts with ascertaining the financial goals, risk tolerance, investment time horizon, and investment constraints of each individual client.  Every client relationship begins with the discussion of asset allocation: how much will you invest in stocks vs. bonds and how do you cope with market volatility.  This discussion is more art than science as we seek to arrive at your comfort level.




There are thousands of publically traded stocks in the world.  It is imperative to have a way to whittle down that universe of stocks.  Our research teams focus on themes that offer long-term investment opportunities across industries and geographies.  With a forward-looking lens, we assess macroeconomic factors – where are we in the economic cycle –  and then individual companies that we believe will prosper in this environment. Conducting primary and secondary research that some may deem tedious, we gain a thorough understanding of the accounting, financial reporting, management, and business operations of the companies we invest in on behalf of our clients.


Finally,  we take risk management to heart.  Our clients need to be comfortable with their investments, and able to sleep at night.  They have worked hard to earn and save their money, and we take seriously our responsibility to guard against the risk of losing capital.  We employ a dynamic approach to portfolio management, simultaneously engaging in a continuous assessment of current holdings while evaluating prospective investment opportunities.


Fixed Income: 


For balanced and fixed income portfolios, we focus on securities issued by high quality borrowers that offer competitive yields and cash flows.  We invest in the short to intermediate maturity range to minimize interest rate risk and maximize reinvestment opportunities.  The size of the bond universe dwarfs the size of the stock universe, providing a vast array of fixed income investment alternatives.  Those alternatives require detailed analysis of quality, maturity, liquidity, and suitability.  As a result, we believe our custom approach of selecting individual bonds provides the opportunity for outperformance in fixed income, and ensures your fixed income allocation functions as intended, as a steady source of income and safety.