From our first client 40 years ago and continuing to this day, we focus on personal service for each client’s needs.

Salem is a full-service investment advisor, with the goal of insuring all your financial needs are met. We have extensive experience and education in asset management, financial planning, accounting, and law. Our goal is to leverage our expertise to help simplify your financial life while also maximizing your investment opportunities.


We provide you with guidance concerning life insurance, annuities and other financial products, but we do not sell them. We do not accept any commissions or have any soft dollar arrangements with third party providers. As a fiduciary we will not compromise on this principle of putting our clients’ interests first and avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

At Salem, we pride ourselves on a transparent approach to investing and fees: There is one fee for everything we do for you, and no surprise charges along the way. You will meet with your advisor on a regular basis, and that advisor will make your investments. Your personal advisor is the decision-maker and can answer any of your investment questions.