Beginning with our first clients 40 years ago and continuing to this day, our central focus is to provide personal service to address each client’s needs.

There is no one portrait of a Salem investor.  Some clients require income from their portfolio as they move into and through retirement, while others are focused on growth for the next generation or achieving charitable aspirations.  We provide guidance to young entrepreneurs growing businesses and seasoned business owners planning a strategic exit. We manage multi-generational wealth transfers through our long-term client relationships, and serve as a sounding board and counterbalance to your legal and accounting advisors. Ultimately, our clients find comfort in letting us execute our agreed upon investment strategy and handle all aspects of daily portfolio management.

We are proud of our approach at Salem in that we provide our financial management and advice for one fee, and sell no products.  

While we provide you with guidance concerning life insurance, annuities, and other financial products, we do not sell them.  We do not accept any commissions or have any soft dollar arrangements with third party providers.  In our judgment, selling products could result in a conflict of interest, and as a fiduciary we will not compromise on this principle of putting clients' interests first.  Furthermore, we believe that the industry sells financial products all too often at too high prices and to whom they are not suitable.  At Salem, we pride ourselves on a transparent approach to investing and fees: one fee for everything we do for you, and no surprise charges along the way.  Your investments are made by your advisor with whom you meet on a regular basis.  If you have a question about what you own, you can speak directly with the decision maker, who is your personal advisor.

Our services typically include:

  • Investment management (asset allocation, portfolio management)
  • Financial counseling (setting objectives, income and debt analysis, charitable giving, retirement planning, benefit analysis, cash flow strategy)
  • Estate planning (gift planning, insurance review)
  • Tax planning (coordination of tax consulting and planning)